The Trees


When I drive to Franklin, or Columbia, TN I take 840. For years on my way back I’d see these two massive trees alone in a field and at their base were large stones and a gate. I’d no idea what the structure was, I’d assumed that the trees had perhaps grown out of the ruins of a large manor house. One day I took a drive along small road off of Blackman Rd., took a left at a Stop sign and another at the 840 sign. I tooled down this road as slowly until I came to the spot where the trees were standing. I parked my car to the side of the road and walked into the acreage that hosted the trees and large stone structure and discovered that no, these stones were not the foundation of a manor. Rather they made up the gate to a home of a different kind. The stones made up a wall and that wall surrounded a cemetery, a very old cemetery. I walked the gates and after a bit of looking about I realized I was standing in the cemetery of the founders of the Blackman area of Murfreesboro, TN! I’ll be adding more to this on Thursday. I hope you will come back and read it all and peruse the photos.