A word of warning


To all would be explorers.

When you go out to explore the past be it Urban Exploration or Rural Exploration please take the following to heart.

  1. Leave a trail! Let someone know where you’re going. Check in with folks or social media as often as you can. You’re not invincible and accidents do happen. Keep in mind abandoned places don’t see maintenance.
  2. Tech toys can help are available that can save your life buy a few of them. Personal GPS locators can be obtained for as low as $20.00 and up. Carry a small First Aid kit.
  3. The Buddy System is your friend. Yes, the same Buddy System you likely heard your parents talk t you about when you were growing up is still damned good advice! Take a buddy or two with you on your adventures. However, never walk too close to your buddy. Floors can collapse and walls too. If you’re too close to your buddy both of you can get hurt or worse. Always keep some distance to prevent this. Pay attention!
  4. STAY ALERT! Do no get so caught up in exploring that you get comfortable with your surroundings, this is how accidents happen.

Am I trying to scare you reader? Yes, yes I am. In the past our ancestors drew maps and often on those maps they marked places of danger with the legend “Here be monsters”.

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