My Easter, 2017

Before I made a stand alone project I would post FT’s content on my JWinnett Creative blog. I hope you enjoy the following crossover.

Today is Easter. Rather than relax at the house I decided to grab my trusty camera and go shoot two locations I’d been meaning to explore.

Shacks revealed

The first location was off of Manson Pike, in Murfreesboro, TN. Up until recently these buildings were hidden behind an old building made of riverock and behind that was a very dense expanse of trees and brush. Both building and small forest were mowed down by developers. Each building contained it’s own treasure from days gone by.

A hidden barn

The Barn, second location was pretty close to the first and honestly I’d driven by it for years and never really noticed it. Why? Because it’s only visiable during the Fall and Winter months. It’s across the street from a small shopping strip with a Starbucks. The frist time I actually spied it I was heading towards town and only glimpsed the top of the barn. I ended up doing a u-turn and drove back. After parking in the Starbucks parking lot I went across the street and did some quick exploring.

Ordinarily I would have posted these as Black & White images but truth be told, I do love the colors in these photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did shooting them. If you’d like to buy a print of any of these images in color of as a Black & White print write me at for sizes, paper and prices.