Ruins on a backroad in TN

Last month I was driving through Adams, TN and taking random lefts and rights when I came across this gem. This house has become a ruin, but I had to shoot it regardless.


Love the shadows in this.

Adams_02 copy

Yes, that is a wheeled wagon of some sort in the living room of a collapsed house.

Adams_03 copy
Adams_04 copy

Taking a peek in through the window.

Adams_05 copy

It’s always the chimney that stands in the end.

Adams_08 copy
Adams_010 copy
Adams_011 copy
Adams_012 copy
Adams_013 copy

Tin roofs rock, I can imagine the sound of rain coming down on it.

Adams_014 copy
Adams_015 copy

Behind the ruins.

Adams_019 copy

Ok, the angles and shadows are impressive, yes?

Adams_021 copy

As always I hope you enjoyed these photos. I really do appreciate you, my viewers.

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