The Blackman Cemetery

Earlier in a blog I’d written of how on 840 I’d spied two great trees that sat within a stone foundation. I’d also stated that I’d found their location and the what I had thought was a building’s foundation was in fact the wall of a very old cemetery.


This is where I pick up that story. The stone wall was a little over four and a half feet tall and stretched for about sixty feet in either direction, inn the middle was a cast iron fence. I stopped for a bit and took some detail shots and then pushed my way into the cemetery.



My first impression was that some powerful wind had knocked over all the grave makers, but these were not ordinary markers. These were obelisks, some if standing would be better than seven feet in height. While some had broken most were intact and I guessed they’d been lowered carefully rather than pushed. Why?


I had no idea. Maybe the caretakers of the cemetery had lowered the obelisks so they’d not be noticed and thereby passed up by vandals?


Walking further into the cemetery I took more shots and became lost in the exploration of the past. After reading a few of the more prominent obelisks I realized I was in the family plot of Alfred Blackman the man and family that founded the community that I now lived in.




Now I had heard of the Blackman area of Murfreesboro but had not learned of it’s history or that I lived no more than a few miles from the resting place of it’s founders. This had to be rectified and I would learn more of the Blackman Family.

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