Columbia, TN


On the 4th of July fellow photographer and a buddy of mine Jay Farrell went and shot an old house near Franklin, TN. I’ve already posted those images. When we were done shooting in Franklin we decided we weren’t done yet so we took a trip down to Columbia, Tn. Now I’d been to Columbia a few times but usually just to stop by a friend’s place and then I’d leave. This was my first time seeing the town. Jay and I tooled around the down town area, I won’t lie, it was packed with places to shoot and places to go back to again.

Columbia_075 copy

Columbia is an odd mixture of old trying to embrace the new. Everywhere there are old store fronts and shops like this. Eye candy for the likes of Jay, myself and I hope you the reader.

Columbia_078 copy

Columbia_079 copy

I love the angles and lines in the above piece your eyes and imagination never stop roaming.

Columbia_080 copy

Continuing our trip around down town area we come across this store front. If you love black and white like I do then you know why I had to shoot this front.

Columbia_081 copy

I’m getting this one printed out and hanging it up.

As we drove down one avenue I spied an alley, now it wasn’t just any old alley as you’ll see. The nice tables and lights were of course what caught my attention.


I’d love to visit this alley at night and see all those lights lit up. But for now I busied myself with small details that appealed to me.

Columbia_092 copy

I ran my hands across the wall, the texture was gratifying.

Columbia_091 copy

What was this? A backdoor? An elevator?

Columbia_090 copy

Depth and mystery…

Columbia_095 copy

filled the alley…

Columbia_094 copy

nowhere left to look but up.

I’ll have to write a second part to this trip, for now I’ve got to go. If you see anything you’d like to comment on feel free to do so. Know of a spot that should be photographed before time erases it? Let me know at is there a piece you’d care to buy? Most of these images are around 10x10inches but can be made larger (within reason) or smaller, email me (above) for purchasing info. Thank you for taking the time to come along on this adventure.

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