Graves gone by

Blackman Cem02

One of the many things I love about the South and it’s backroads are the random cemeteries I come across. These plots can be of any size. I’ve seen some that hold a hundred or more of the departed, and sometimes they hold less than a dozen. Whether they are enclosed by a fence or stone walls they are sites of peacefulness, places where one can enjoy their quiet solemnity, they are all relevant and beautiful. The photos you’re about to see were all taken at various sites. I hope you enjoy them. Look for the books to come.

Blackman Family Cemetery

This cemetery is off of 840 in the Blackman area of Murfreesboro, TN

Blackman Cem05
Blackman Cem10
Blackman Cem12
Blackman Center

Mount Pleasant Cemetery 

This is in the Rockvale area of Rutherford County


The Huddleston Family Plot

This is one of my absolute favorite cemeteries. It’s so very peaceful, and from a photographer’s stance the lighting is amazing.

Huddelsont Fam_02
Huddelsont Fam_04
Huddelsont Fam_06
Huddelsont Fam_08
Huddelsont Fam_010

I hope you will contimue to keep checking back with this page, there is more to come.

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