I woke up restless and a need to travel. So I grabbed my cameras, fueled up my car and myself too. After grabbing some coffee I hit I-40 going east. The miles rolled by and eventually they grew more numerous than my fellow drivers, or at least that’s how it felt. I began to relax and realized the drive and exploration was indeed what I’d been missing. As I traveled up 40 I spied my first stop, a defunct convience store called Stop. I passed up the exit went onto the next and doubled back and pulling up into Stop’s parking lot I smiled. I’m not sure when this little store closed but it had a retro 70’s or 80’s look to it and it was wonderfully abandoned as was the concrete pill box of a store next to it.


Grass and weeds choked the space in front of the pillbox while the blacktop of Stop was cracked it’s windows so heavily boarded up that entrance would require a crowbar and no, I didn’t have one.







I spent about 20 or 30 mins shooting the two buildings, and regretted not bringing a crowbar, I think capturing the interior would have been cool, but this place went a bit beyond being borded up, there was sheet metal bolted over the windows.


However the building next to it was the exact opposite when it came to gaining access to. All of it’s windows including the glass shop doors had been broken out at some point.



Inside I realized that this must have been some kind of roadside 2nd hand shop. An old tv was near one of the broken doors, a bed frame, suitcases, audio tapes, clothes and in one corner a bunch of old CRT monitors.


The only things that really ghave me pause were the Memorex tapes on the floor and some open family albums. On the way out of the parking lot I saw yet another blast from the past, when was the last time you saw a payphone?


To say yhe least it was odd. But that’s ok, it’s what I expect to find on my explorations of Forgotten Tennessee.

What if I take a left?

July 26_01_SM

The otherday was a bright and sunny one but not hot enough to make the asphalt boil and steam. With such agreeable conditions I decied to go a hunting abandoned sites amongst the back roads. I quickly and soundly became lost.

July 26_03_SM

July 26_04_SM

No biggie, it’s how I discover my haunts. Now while I was out scouting for abandoned I had no plans to enter any structures, it’s summer and unless you have a machette and a team of other machette weilding  bearers entering some of these locations is improbable at best.

July 26_05_SM

July 26_06_SM

July 26_07_SM

Entering the abandoned is often better done in the fall. Hunt for sites now in the Summer, hope they are still standing when all things green are asleep.

July 26_013_SM

July 26_015_SM

Tooling up and down narrow roads I came to a juncture and had to make a decision right? or left? I went left. Yes, I flipped a coin. One of the many things I enjoy about my explorations is the occasionally odd site that catches my eye. These can be anything from a small forgotten family plot to a sign adonrened with skulls, like this one!

July 26_08_SM

July 26_010_SM

July 26_09_SM

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Once it rolled on the River, not so much these days.


Driving down Lebanon Hwy near Rome, TN,  Jay Farrell and myself cruised over a bridge looking for abandoned buildings to shoot. We cruised thru Rome to Carthage and drove back the same way. As we went over the bridge a second time I spied a rusting old boat that needed to be photographed.



We pulled a u-turn and drove down a short access road that led to the rusting hulk. We parked and began to walk around and on the boat. At first I’d though the craft was a barge, but no, that notion was quickly abandoned. This was at one point the Rome Ferry. An actually Ferry!



Up until 1992 the Rome Ferry was how people crossed the Cumberland River. I’d never seen one myself and was thrilled to see one and walk upon it’s deck.


We came across a man and his kids fishing on rock jetty behind the Ferry, and he told us that the Rome Ferry had been in operation since before the Civil War,


and that the building of the suspension bridge that led to Carthage had signaled it’s end. It has sat and rusting away since 1992.


The Rome Ferry is indeed a bit of forgotten Tennessee and I’m happy we were able to capture a few shots of it. If you’d like to know more about Rome Ferry click here


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Old Ugly


Driving from Adams, Tennessee I was passing a derelict gas station. Crouching next to it was one of those dead vehicles that immediately makes me think of Horror movies like Stephen King’s Christine. Old Ugly crouches there, just waiting to pounce upon the unsuspecting motorist. More to come.

Beyond the door…

Beyond the door. It’s the name of a Horror movie (1974), but it’s something more for me.


Not every door or entrance triggers my imagination, but some, some make me wonder what is beyond it?




Is this just a door? Or could it be conduit to another dimension or adventure?
 Is the face of love, sadness, of anger,
 perhaps terror waiting on me?
Next time you find yourself walking up to a doorway or entrance stop, and realize that no matter how ordinary it is to walk through a doorway it really is
the beginning of something new.
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The Royal Inn is out!


I love abandoned hotels! They’re not easy to find but today when I was dropping off my prints to be displayed at the Copper Vault in Springfield, TN (Feb 1st-28th) I found one right on a main strip! After dropping off my work I swung by the Royal Inn a decrepit hotel sitting on the side of the road with it’s paint fading and various doors standing ajar.



I didn’t have my Canon with it’s wide angle lens but I did have my Fuji  X-E1 on me. I hopped out of my car and did a quick recon shoot, I may end up going back later in Feb but for now I hope you enjoy these.



I walked under the car port and peered inside the front door, sadly it was firmly locked. Still I have faith sooner of later the glass door will be shattered. I moved along to the wings of the Royal Inn and was not disappointed with their look.







Did I go into any of the rooms? Not too far, I’m taking my own advice about the buddy system. But here are a few shots from an interior or two.


House Keeping


has apparently


fallen off a bit. And yes, I did go upstairs but there wasn’t a lot to see.






Lastly I wanted to go for a swim, but no joy.




ROYAL8I’m denied a quick dip in the pool, ah well it was a bit cool today always.

Who slept here last…


One day I was driving down a backroad when I came across a shack off the road. I parked my car and after climbing a bank and walking into the woods I found the shack and entered it. On the floor, were books, they covered the floor. No one had lived in the house in quite some time. Or had they? In the corner of the main room was a thin mattress with a sheet upon it. I asked my self “Who slept here”?


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