There was a shack


on the side of a road. Who lived in it I don’t know. The woods around are doing their best to soak what”s above into the ground. The doors are gone but you can still walk in but I would not dance…

Hartsville_111-Edit copy

Hartsville_99-Edit copy

Hartsville_100-Edit copy

… nor would I sit on the sofa for a bit.

Hartsville_104-Edit copyHartsville_115-Edit copy

And talking not sitting beware that chimney! Yes, the one above your head that defies gravity still but not by much.

Hartsville_105-Edit copy

Hartsville_114-Edit copy

I look around and see here and there where the windows such as they were are outside and here and there charred and broken boards abound.

Hartsville_110-Edit copy

Hartsville_107-Edit copy

Hartsville_108-Edit copy

I wonder how loud the flames and cries did sound?