Leaving Veron, Al

As Jay Farrell and myself were wrapping up another Alabama trip, we found ourselves cruising on US Hwy. 17 ambling down a hill and around a long curve. That’s when Jay spotted it, the last house we’d decided to explore for the day. The house was shades of grey, rust and black, honestly it was damn near perfectly camouflaged from us. Parking required us to be on the absolute edge of a crumbling shoulder. Grabbing our cameras we hopped across a narrow embankment and stood for a second admiring a once beautiful and striking abode. But that time must have been at least 100 years ago. The elements and time were doing their level best to consume it all. Entering the door was a questionable act. The roof over hanging the porch had partially collapsed onto the porch’s floor, and the floor was not faring much better. Luckily for Jay and I the porch was only 8 inches or so from the actual ground.

Under the collapsing roof and over the sketchy looking porch we went and found ourselves in a hallway that was nearly black. We were in luck, we still had at least an hour or so of daylight to explore. Without that daylight we’d been in trouble. The house’s floors were nearly rotted out, in one room the floor was caving in while in another it was bowing upwards even while it’s ceiling was canted down.

Jay and I split up in order to shoot whatever struck our eyes. However we remained within shouting distance, this is important when exploring such and I can not stress this enough. I took a second to look back the way we’d come and got a great shot of the hall.

In one room I came across a comfortable looking recliner while in another room a mattress was testament that at some point someone had used this old house as a place to take shelter from the elements. But considering the lack of windows, and the gaps in the ceiling and floors I’m not sure it was much of a shelter.

Still, there was a kitchenette at least, but from what we could see no indoor bathroom.

Eventually Jay and I made it outside the old house and decided to explore the out buildings of which there were three. In one place there was evidence of a fourth building but it was no longer standing.

The house may have started out painted white, but was now mostly grey, and moss green in the back.

Remember that kitchenette I mentioned? Here is the stove!

Two of the remaining out buildings were likely barns, the third however was for a well. I could be wrong, we’d noticed a lot of the houses in this part of Alabama had storm shelters.

Keep in mind we were at least 15 miles from Vernon, AL. We were miles from any store we’d seen. But here in the woods just a stones throw from the house was a grocery cart. I’d love to know if at some point there was a store nearby.

Near another structure we found evidence of transportation and refrigeration.

As Jay and I wrapped up our exploration I took a few last shots of the side of the house but this glassless window is what I decided to post. It’s ominous and creepy and the failing light conveys it all.

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