Let’s go to the movies 1

On the way to Memphis, TN

A few weeks ago Jay Farrell and I decided to take a trip to Memphis Tennessee to hunt and photograph ababndoned buildings. Almost imnmediately we had to detour from the interstate to a rural country highway due to a wreck. Our detour took us through Dickson, TN which is where we came across a trully sad sight, an abandoned Driv- In Movie Theatre. These theatres were special to me, I remeber living in Wyoming and going to the Drive In at least 0nce a month from early spring til early fall.

This must have been quite a sight when it was all lit up.
What? Did someone not like the movie? Not enough cheese on the nachos?

Parking we took some time to shoot the entry and then we meandered off towards the concessions/projector building. I found a door that had been left open so I walked on in and began to expore. There wasn’t much to see though, the place had been picked clean.

Old tech on the floor.
I’d hoped that there would be some old movie posters left on the walls.

Outside there were rows of poles that once held the drive-in’s speaker (these would be hung inside the car via the driver’s door window), and in the distance stood the big screen itself.

Walking back to the car I could only hope someone at some point might re-open this spot. Drive-In’s were so much fun to go to, it’d be nice to see today’s kids enjoy them too.