Green Machine

Walking up on this building the first thing we noticed is that the walls had for the most part fallen away.

In 2019 I and a fellow explorer Jay Farrell, decided to explore a derelict furniture factory in McKenzie, Tennessee. Below are photos taken from an out building that cut glass and mirrors for the factory. Gettinginto the structure still was no easy feat. The front of the building was cluttered with old and broken wooden frames and other random bits of this and that. But once in, we could see a building that was dominated by one large green machine.

On top of the walls having fallen away the ceiling wasn’t faring much better.

At first I’d no idea as to what the machine did but soon that question was answered. The green machine was a glass and mirror cutter.

I was amazed to find these mirrors unbroken. Another pallet was not as lucky.

Looks were deceiving though. What I thought to be a large machine turned out to actually be a very large machine indeed that took up two stories and had its own elevated walkway.

I walked along the gangway and shot the mirror cutter from afar but now I was wanting to get some detail shots in. This old machine is to be honest, damned cool.

Green for miles….
Looking up from below its still a stunning green machine.

No machine lasts forever, rust eats them all, eventually.

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