A sneak peak of the Hartsville Nuclear Plant

The massive Cooling Tower dominates everything for miles.

Hi, ordinarily I’d post a ton of photos of this exploration, and an equal mount of words describing the day. However, the Hartsville Nuclear plant is going to be in my next book, so I have reign in my usual chattiness. Without further gilding the lily, here are a few nibbles of what’s to come. By the way I’d like to throw out a big thank you to Chris Gear for being my guide.

Don’t be fooled, that tower is still quite a hike from where this shot was taken.
The bottoms of my foot itched from standing above this.
This felt and looked like a set from a SCIFI movie.
Yes, we walked through this.
A little closer but still farther away than I’d thought.

And that is all I can show you, for now. Be patient, the full tale of the Hartsville Nuclear Plant exploration will be in the next book.