Ivy House

On one of my drives through Middle Tennessee I found myself on the side of the road drinking a bottle of water. In the distance I saw the peak of a roof and drove closer. As I drew closer I noticed the following the house was old, quite old. While the lawn was mowed I did notice that the house was covered, literally covered in Ivy. I stood there for a moment looking at the house and finally I grabbed my camera walked up and began to shoot.


As I walked around the building I read a sign at the front door and could not help but chuckle at it.  While you can’t read it in this image I can tell what it reads “No Trespassing”! I really couldn’t help but laugh, how could someone enter?




More Ivy…


and yet even more.


No idea if there was more ivy, too much overgrowth for me to find out.


If the eyes are the windows to the soul, what are the windows of an old house saying?


Recurring theme!


One last parting shot. It was a pleasure to say the least. Just glad I didn’t get too close, some of that ivy has to be poisonous! If you’d care to purchase a print(s) email me at jerry@forgottentennessee.comfor prices and details.