A visit to Springfield, TN

Springfield 028

February 1st ForgottenTennessee. com will have it’s first show at the Copper Vault in Springfield, TN. ForgottenTennessee.com will be up for the month so should you get a chance you should come out and see it. The reception will be on the 15th 5pm-8pm. All together I’ll have 15 to 20 pieces up, most 18×24 a few other pieces will be larger. I hope you see you at the reception.

After meeting with HN James, the Copper Vaults Curator I decided to grab my camera and do some shooting. I started out with the Downtown area walking about with my camera and tripod.

Springfield 046

Springfield has I noticed a large assortment of wonderfully eclectic buildings. The entrances and alleys of these buildings are really fascinating and I gravitated towards them. One alley in particular caught and retained my eye.

Springfield 041

Springfield 042

Springfield 032

Springfield 033

Springfield 035

Springfield 039

Springfield 040

After about an hour of wandering the square I Spread outwards. And hit some roads near the areaI was in. I was not disappointed in what I found.

Springfield 01

Springfield 04

Springfield 05

Springfield 08

I found Springfield to be a gold mine of buildings to shoot! This was however not my first trip to Springfield. Previously I’d shot with a few models in a hulking abandoned structure that at one time had been a Wool Mill built in 1908.

Springfield 024

Springfield 025

Springfield 016

This structure is so vast that the last time I shot there I realized I could shoot the location every day for a month and I doubt I could capture more than 1/2 the place. Sadly some of the wings have collapsed. I’d heard recently the Springfield Glass Co. had taken ownership of the building. I truly hope they can repair the structure and it would be nice if the State Historic Society could help repair it as well. This old mill is exactly why I started doing ForgottenTennessee.com

Springfield 019

Springfield 018

I hope you enjoyed reading this update and I encourage you all to stop by the Copper Vault to see my show Feb 1-Feb 28th. If you would like to purchase a 2018 ForgottenTennessee.com calendar you may do so at http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1390399