Hidden in the town


Christmas Eve Jay Farrell and myself went on a drive through Bethpage and Hartsville, TN. In Hartsville just off the square we came across a strange neighborhood. Within the neighborhood it seemed as if there were houses that had been consumed within the neighborhood. Here and there we came across houses, old hoses that had fallen to misuse, age and in some cases fire. But within this neighborhood I spied a gem. I had Jay pull over while I got out and shot a church that looked as if it were being reclaimed from the elements that had destroyed neighboring homes. I went up the stairs that led to what once must have been an impressive church indeed.


The windows are boarded up, Paynes of glass are missing. The stairs are tilted and there is a crack running down them. But the lock on the door is new, the surrounding greenery has been trimmed back.


Who knows, perhaps the next time I visit Hartsville this church can go from Forgotten to reclaimed and filled with life again?