Once it rolled on the River, not so much these days.


Driving down Lebanon Hwy near Rome, TN,  Jay Farrell and myself cruised over a bridge looking for abandoned buildings to shoot. We cruised thru Rome to Carthage and drove back the same way. As we went over the bridge a second time I spied a rusting old boat that needed to be photographed.



We pulled a u-turn and drove down a short access road that led to the rusting hulk. We parked and began to walk around and on the boat. At first I’d though the craft was a barge, but no, that notion was quickly abandoned. This was at one point the Rome Ferry. An actually Ferry!



Up until 1992 the Rome Ferry was how people crossed the Cumberland River. I’d never seen one myself and was thrilled to see one and walk upon it’s deck.


We came across a man and his kids fishing on rock jetty behind the Ferry, and he told us that the Rome Ferry had been in operation since before the Civil War,


and that the building of the suspension bridge that led to Carthage had signaled it’s end. It has sat and rusting away since 1992.


The Rome Ferry is indeed a bit of forgotten Tennessee and I’m happy we were able to capture a few shots of it. If you’d like to know more about Rome Ferry click here



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