What if I take a left?

July 26_01_SM

The otherday was a bright and sunny one but not hot enough to make the asphalt boil and steam. With such agreeable conditions I decied to go a hunting abandoned sites amongst the back roads. I quickly and soundly became lost.

July 26_03_SM

July 26_04_SM

No biggie, it’s how I discover my haunts. Now while I was out scouting for abandoned I had no plans to enter any structures, it’s summer and unless you have a machette and a team of other machette weilding  bearers entering some of these locations is improbable at best.

July 26_05_SM

July 26_06_SM

July 26_07_SM

Entering the abandoned is often better done in the fall. Hunt for sites now in the Summer, hope they are still standing when all things green are asleep.

July 26_013_SM

July 26_015_SM

Tooling up and down narrow roads I came to a juncture and had to make a decision right? or left? I went left. Yes, I flipped a coin. One of the many things I enjoy about my explorations is the occasionally odd site that catches my eye. These can be anything from a small forgotten family plot to a sign adonrened with skulls, like this one!

July 26_08_SM

July 26_010_SM

July 26_09_SM

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