I woke up restless and a need to travel. So I grabbed my cameras, fueled up my car and myself too. After grabbing some coffee I hit I-40 going east. The miles rolled by and eventually they grew more numerous than my fellow drivers, or at least that’s how it felt. I began to relax and realized the drive and exploration was indeed what I’d been missing. As I traveled up 40 I spied my first stop, a defunct convience store called Stop. I passed up the exit went onto the next and doubled back and pulling up into Stop’s parking lot I smiled. I’m not sure when this little store closed but it had a retro 70’s or 80’s look to it and it was wonderfully abandoned as was the concrete pill box of a store next to it.


Grass and weeds choked the space in front of the pillbox while the blacktop of Stop was cracked it’s windows so heavily boarded up that entrance would require a crowbar and no, I didn’t have one.







I spent about 20 or 30 mins shooting the two buildings, and regretted not bringing a crowbar, I think capturing the interior would have been cool, but this place went a bit beyond being borded up, there was sheet metal bolted over the windows.


However the building next to it was the exact opposite when it came to gaining access to. All of it’s windows including the glass shop doors had been broken out at some point.



Inside I realized that this must have been some kind of roadside 2nd hand shop. An old tv was near one of the broken doors, a bed frame, suitcases, audio tapes, clothes and in one corner a bunch of old CRT monitors.


The only things that really ghave me pause were the Memorex tapes on the floor and some open family albums. On the way out of the parking lot I saw yet another blast from the past, when was the last time you saw a payphone?


To say yhe least it was odd. But that’s ok, it’s what I expect to find on my explorations of Forgotten Tennessee.