4th of July 2018

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A previous location is revisited. Previously I’d explored this house with my buddy Justin and I’d been wanting to go back. So this Fourth of July fellow photographer Jay Farrell and I did just that. Unlike my previous visit I noticed a rather unwelcoming sign of concrete and earth piled up to make the parking a bit less accessible, rude. But oh well small cars win the day.

The side door from outside, notice the skeleton key lock! Vintage!
From the inside that door isn’t quite as inviting.

I think perhaps the piano was played a little too hard at some point, what’s on the boob tube? A little down the hall I come across an appropriate holiday card, don’t you think?

and a little farther up the hall….

If I thought the side door looked menacing I was left praying no one would come through the front.

I wonder if she got Dorothy?

Feeling a pressure to my bladder I sought out the bathroom, but decided to hold it and well no taking a bath here either.

Let’s head upstairs…

No rail? A building violation?

Well, yes, it was rough looking on the 1st floor. However the 2nd…
wasn’t all Better Homes and Gardens either.
The hall leading to the Widow’s Porch was just as weird as the the front door below.
Unlike the other rooms, this one was full of drawers and boxes strewn about the floor.
Were they summoning a demonic handy-man?
Make ya dizzy!

Once done exploring the 1st and 2nd floors the back porch was the next on the list for exploration.

Yet another Codes violation.

Did I mention the backyard was a damned jungle? I have more photos of this location, but for now I’ve got to sign off.